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My name is Brett Post and I am a very experienced business broker and entrepreneur. Most of my business experience has been in the Restaurant Management/Consulting business. However, over the past 5 years I have added Sales/Consulting for the Energy Business as well as the Commercial Real Estate business.

I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from the University of Minnesota. While studying there, I also received a minor in Psychology. My work experience began at a young age in the restaurant business. This continued and supported me throughout my College career and beyond, thus totaling over 28 years experience in the Restaurant business.

After graduating college, I pursued an interest in the stock exchange. I worked at the Chicago Board of Trade for a period of time while I continued to foster a career in the service industry. I have done many seminars and coaching to other restaurateurs. Overall, my strongest attribute to the Restaurant industry has been in regards to financial institution/performance and mentoring. The companies I worked for not only were extremely profitable under my management, they also increased in size, and produced the managers, trainers, and staff for the future of the companies as a whole.

My interest in Commercial Real Estate has recently become a passion for me. I do Brokering for businesses in the state of Ohio. I am a hard worker and strive to perform at the highest possible allowance. I am a firm believer that my past experiences and involvement in a diverse and varied number of businesses helps me to understand the goals and desires that most business owners have.

Nobody will out work our group to List & Sell your business!

Services Offered: Sokol & Associates provides the following services: Listing and Selling Restaurants, Pizza shops, Bars & other related businesses. Locating and/or selling Liquor Permits. Help to sell equipment package.

Areas Served: Central Ohio and surrounding areas.